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Roger Wynne-Dyke, project, southafrica, capetown, expedition



1 Team. 1 Route. 200 Towns. 365 Days. South Africa. 2012

The EXPEDITION Project Launch & Fundraiser
Roger Wynne-Dyke, project, southafrica, capetown, expedition
There comes a time in our lives when we get the chance of being a part of something truly exceptional. The EXPEDITION Project is one of those moments.
Combining a New Years Eve party atmosphere with the spirit of a charity fundraiser, The EXPEDITION Project will be hosting not just any other party, but the place to be this New Years Eve!
On the 30th December 2011 the annual BEACH Festival will for the first time, make its way to Cape Town and after a fun filled day on the beach we will continuing on right into the 2012 with The EXPEDITION Project Launch & Fundraiser.
For those of you that don’t know, The EXPEDITION Project is a voyage of rediscovery. We aim to reawaken the resolute spirit that is every South African’s birthright. We want to look at old places with new, fresh eyes. This is a journey in search of the nation’s stories, its dreams and its heartbeat. We will stand unflinching before the challenges that the nation faces, and bring hope that inspires action.  We will find and celebrate the change makers that are building the future
The EXPEDITION Project’s dream is to create a new way of living and thinking that will enable humanity to create a worthy future for our grandchildren. Its vision is to initiate a renaissance that every member of the human race plays an active part in – every individual’s involvement will be significant, however small the contribution might be.
Humanity faces its greatest ever social and environmental challenges. We are picking the bitter fruits of irresponsible industrialisation and the unrestricted exploitation of our fellow men and our planet. We have a choice to make: we can be passive bystanders and allow this trend to wreck further havoc on our world, or we can be the change-makers that will turn the tide.
The EXPEDITION Project is a venture that seeks to empower people to be agents of meaningful change by showing them that their roles are significant. It will also identify the areas that are most in need of that meaningful change. This mission will take the form of an overland voyage that will be publicised to maximise the awareness it creates.
The EXPEDITION Project aims to blaze a new trail – not only in its outcome, but also in its approach. It is not merely an indulgent adventure or a superficial “feel good” campaign. It seeks to initiate and support critical community projects that are geared towards redirecting the future of our country, our continent and our planet.
The EXPEDITION Project is a lifestyle that co-exists in harmony with its surroundings. Its motto is: “Starting today, creating tomorrow and securing the future.” Its collective passion is unquestionable. Its story is far reaching. It embraces diversity and recognizes the value of every person’s unique contribution to the whole.
So back to the 31st December 2011 and the biggest and best New Year’s Eve Party you will have the privilege of attending!
Kicking off at 8pm the evening will be host to live local music, some of the countries best DJ’s, and the who’s who of the local celebrity circuit! You never know, there may even be a few internationally famous faces in the crowd.
So how much will this evening cost you? Nothing short of R1000 a head, but don’t worry it’s for a good cause!
Date: 31st December 2011
Time: 8pm till 2012
Place: TBC
Tickets: R1000ZAR
Bookings: info@theEXPEDITIONproject.com